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Cynthia Winfield | Author, Educational Consultant, Health & Family Coach | Voice of Youth Advocates

Cynthia Winfield

Cynthia Winfield has wanted to teach and write for as long as she can remember. When she was a little girl, her mother had a friend do an astrological reading on her and told her that she would be a writer, and she replied, “I know.” She wrote her first novel in the fourth grade, titled, “The Ant Who Climbed the Eiffel Tower,” which she lost, but it was still her first novel. Furthermore, Ms. Winfield served as the collection’s editor for the 1997 book published by Cynthia L. Blinn for the American Correctional Association, “Maternal Ties: A Selection of Programs for Female Offenders.” Later in her career, she became equally as invested in social justice, serving to protect the LGBTQ+ community. Ms. Winfield earned a Bachelor of Science in education from Lesley College in 1992 and later a Master of Fine Arts in creative writing from Emerson College in 1999. Additionally, in 2012, she became a certified holistic health coach by the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.

At the start of her professional career, from 1993 to 1996, Ms. Winfield was an educational/writing program consultant with the Massachusetts Department of Corrections and a gifted/talented program assistant and writing teacher at Ottoson Middle School in Arlington, Massachusetts. Simultaneously, she had been working as a freelance writer and editor for the American Correctional Association for two years until 1997, at which point she switched to teaching eighth grade English/language arts at the middle school through 2008. Ms. Winfield had also been a creative writing teacher at the College Academy Summer Program in Winchester, Massachusetts in 2007.

Today, Ms. Winfield excels as a book reviewer for Voice of Youth Advocates, a role which she commenced in 1994. She has also been an education consultant for Tennessee Youth Alternative Services since 2020 and an executive assistant for the Metropolitan Interdenominational Church in Nashville since 2010. In her career, Ms. Winfield has always aimed to teach kids to love people, whoever they are, and accept differences, especially gender and racial differences. As an English teacher, her students have read inclusive literature, including stories about foreign workers and the Jim Crow South, which is followed by a discussion to make kids more aware. She is proud to help kids become better humans by learning to love others and to see the world through art and literature.

As an author, Ms. Winfield has published multiple works, including, “Sovereign Souls: Whosoever Edition,” “Gender Identity: The Ultimate Teen Guide, Second Edition,” “Gender Identity: The Ultimate Teen Guide,” “ABLE MINDS: Using Literature to Transform Behavior” and “Writing for Our Lives.” She has been a member of the National Education Association, International Reading Association, International Foundation for Gender Education, National Council of Teachers of English, National Writers Union, Massachusetts Teachers Association, Southern Poverty Law Center and Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education.

Since recording the audiobook version of “Sovereign Souls: Whosoever Edition,” Ms. Winfield has developed an interest in voiceover work. Further, she will soon launch Writing Strategies That Work, with tips and ideas to help other writers get their work onto paper.

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